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Sacred Retreat Center offers a few pathways to total health, emotional clarity and stability, spiritual tools and edification as well as financial stability and life-role empowerment. Please peruse our selection of offerings of well-experienced body technicians, powerful healers, enlightening teachers and profound specialist for your optimum experience while attending our life-changing retreats.

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Sacred Retreat Center

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Retreat Package #1

For Living Pain Free

Specially designed workshops and body treatments for adjusting physical body to relieve pain, stiffness and degenerating impacts

Retreat Package #2

Transformation for Peace of Mind

Radical techniques for clearing emotional blocks, transforming defeating habits and addictions, quieting the mind and overcoming personal history

Retreat Package #3

Spiritually Edified for Nurturing the Enlightenment Process

Exquisite series of sessions for edifying spirit, body and mind while deepening spiritual maturation process

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Your personal empowerment and transformation for a new, improved reality begins with your decision to engage.

We invite you to enroll in one of our specialized retreat packages that addresses a variety of interests for personal transformation and healing. There is no “one size fits all” healing package. Each person has their own unique circumstances and state of being that requires a unique approach.

From body pain to emotional clearing, improved relationship with self-sustaining abundance, to a need for a deep spiritual awakening – there is a retreat that meets your needs and helps to initiate your process of self-improvement and true fulfillment at Sacred Retreat Center.

Join in on the wave of new possibilities, great happenings, amazing new friends, fun explorations and fabulous play on the gorgeous Big Island of Hawaii for a life changing, revolutionizing, self-improvement experience.

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