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At Hawaii Sacred Retreat Center, we work diligently to offer the finest and most conscious bodyworkers in our area. Experience coupled with great skill and intuitive understanding is the hallmark of perfection and abilities. We proudly present a modest collection of highly intuitive, compassionate, gifted bodyworkers on our panel of services and offerings. We invite you to experience these exquisite technicians and receive amazing results in your healing process. 

Fascial Release, Yoga, Chinese Medicine & Farming

Yoav Melamed


individually tailored sessions to increase range of motion, restore freedom and tap into the intelligent organizing principle

My Specialities

In 2006, I attended a chakra healing workshop, which deeply inspired me into researching the healing wisdom of the body.

From that initial class, I was propelled to enroll in Chinese medicine school, motivated to earn my yoga teacher training certification and through diligent pursuit, I became the apprentice of amazingly skilled, experienced, wise healers.

In my work, I integrate all of the modalities that I have been trained in and combine those skills with my own intuition. I treat each client and session as an aspect of prayer and a petition to Great Spirit for healing and restoration of my clients physical health. My intention is to always be precise in my work and exceedingly tuned into intuitive guidance for maximum effectiveness.

Massage, Energy Therapy, Clearings, movement, Lightwork

Michál Anna Carillo

Michál Anna Carrillo

I teach this information because knowing the self is the only game in town worth playing. We have all experienced trauma here on planet earth, and releasing the pain and activating divine love is it. Navigating our energy, using our vessels, knowing ourselves; now is the time.

My Specialities

Since 1999, Michál Anna has diligently pursued a profession in the healing arts as a licensed massage therapist and movement specialist in African dance, music, healing arts and culture.

Michál Anna considers her gifts as helping people to "peel away" the layers to reveal the brilliancy of what is within. With over 10,000 hours of healing work with people from all around the world, she has cultivated immense skill for removing blockages, and energetic cobwebs while simultaneously cultivating self-confidence, acceptance and heightened creativity.

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